14 Minutes of Age of Empires Definitive Edition PC Gameplay

At Gamescom we had the chance to play Age of Empires Definitive Edition on the PC. Here is how it hold up.

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41 thoughts on “14 Minutes of Age of Empires Definitive Edition PC Gameplay

  1. Age Of Mythology, Empire Earth, Rise Of Nations, take your pick…

    If you're a solid RTS fan, then Command And Conquer Generals Zero Hour is the best.

  2. Beginner's Gameplay:

    How shortage of food made me loose the game,
    Need some strategies on the above video…

  3. Sigh. I'm disappointed they didn't include the option for formations, so your soldiers would stay together.

  4. нельзя было еще больше цену поставить на игру? я не живу в стране первой по экономике в мире, неужели нельзя для бедных стран ставить другие цены? игра интересная спору нет. грустно, что лупят цены на игры.

  5. these games was a state of the art in 98, i play AOE and red alert, in school. Was something we never encounter before. The feeling was unique. Like we discover a huge chest with gold. Kids from today can't feel like that. The generation of 90's is the only generation in the history of the human kind , who learn in school, like real learning and reading books and stuff, and playing games like never before ,close to madness, every day , every hour if was posible. Today kids are..sorry to say, just..slow. And i dont even think they will ever read a book in their life. My opinion ofc.

  6. chars are moving so slowly compared to previous versions… and it doesn't look better with this new graphics…

  7. Game won't even start. I will never support Microsoft store again. Fail, also there is norefund. Failfail….

  8. W tej edycji bardziej pasowałaby muzyka z Aoe1 z 1997 roku. Nie potrzebnie muzykę zremasterowali. Bardziej podobała mi się w wersji oryginalnej.

  9. i used to play age of empires a lot…. at that time i had only demo version of the game, and once it ends i play again and again for lots of hours. such a nostalgia. while am writing this comment the game is installing and at 47%. eagerly waiting to finish and play it

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