4 Proven Email Marketing Templates

4 PROVEN EMAIL MARKETING TEMPLATES | Email marketing is NOT dead. Here are four of the most profitable email marketing templates you should be using as a copywriter.

While other marketing channels are indeed on the rise, email is still one of the most effective and personalized ways for businesses to communicate with their audience. It helps them improve their reach and visibility, and convert more leads on a consistent basis.

As a copywriter, your job is to write email messages that matter to your subscriber, and ultimately compel them to take action. So, be sure to hit the subscribe button for more copywriting tutorials and tips coming your way every single week.

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19 thoughts on “4 Proven Email Marketing Templates

  1. hello im a new email marketer i have a question can i work as a email marketer with a site or a company or whatever when that company or whatever is not in my country?

  2. your so beautiful whatever your telling people will listen and they implement without postponing it.I'm so much passionate about you ! oh I mean your email marketing concept I just searching for the influencer I found you I really need of you I mean your email marketing concepts thanks for your videos.:)

  3. Great video : I've been using GetResponse for over 5 years now and have not switched to any other platform for 3 reasons: 1. Very user-friendly interface 2. Top-notch customer support 3. Great deliverability rates
    Check it out : https://www.getresponse.com/?a=V9XAdMaTWV

  4. Alex I’m a new channel subscriber. I check in most days. I haven’t found my question yet in your playlists so I was hoping to get your view here. I tried to ask the author of the program I’m about to refer to but he bit my head off. You would be familiar with the daily email. How do you build a list ? The author on this topic says write a daily email and people will come. But from where? Should I use the emails as blog posts and put them on my website – LinkedIn ? Any ideas?

  5. Thanks for sharing four totally unique types of email! I so appreciate the massive value you give us. Would you consider addressing e-newsletters? (Style, frequency, strategy, etc.)

  6. one little advice, cut the bullshit part and get to the point! beside great smile and charming personality! but keep it shorter

  7. Now I wanna know where you're from based on how you say "Magnet" lol. I have an accent too and people can never guess where I am from (small town IL ha).

  8. Thanks for sharing! I am currently going through Auto Responder Madness. It has completely changed the way I view marketing!

  9. I've never heard about Soap Opera style. It sounds interesting 🙂
    As far as I understand, these templates are used for B2C, aren't they? Will they work for a commercial offer?

  10. Hey Alex I am your fan from begining .. I have your all videos and one day when you will be very popular, and you will get unlimited copywriting orders, at that time.. Will you please transfer some orders to me too? 🙂

  11. Wonderful video as always 😘 I know it's out of the subject but your hair is beautiful I wonder if you can do your hair routine and skin care routine as well 🌹 thank you 🌺

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