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29 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] JIN SUGA JIMIN VLIVE 2020.04.27

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    https://youtu.be/pZyk93Bzzo4 BTS BON VOYAGE SEASON 2 FULL + BEHIND ENG SUB

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  2. God please Jimin is so precious at the end he went to bring tissues for his hyungs and Jin said "jimin,you're an angel " please…I love him so much I am crying

  3. Plot twist: jin was supposed to wear the same outfit as yoongi and jimin but he saw the opportunity to make yoonmin shippers shook so he took that risk 👀🤭💜😂

  4. I have one question. WHY IN THE WORLD did YOU MAKE ALL THE RUN BTS EPISODES PRIVATE? I was at just 47 an now they are all just gone.

  5. be funny if all guys did this dance game randomly haha. would be funny seeing the others do it . especially namjoon haha

  6. at 18:07 Jimin hums "Rum, pum, pum" from Kill This Love….
    His reaction when he realizes is priceless …..

  7. Such a treat! My stan yoongi enjoying this kind of game is a breath of fresh air. Its like- who is this guy??? 😍 Oh my.. look how he can sway his hips like that. Camilla Cabello is shookt 😅

  8. Omg it's 2:28 in the morning and I want to dance so bad also I'm on my period 😭😭😭😭😭😭wow I hate my life

  9. Me:while watching them
    Jimin :the sexy one😋
    Jin:the stiff hyungi🤣😂
    Suga: the unbothered man?is he really doing this ??🤔
    Me again: they enjoying this so it doesnt matter to me as long as they enjoy this thing!hahahaah

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