Malwarebytes – FULL TUTORIAL! BEST Anti-Malware for Mac

Malwarebytes is THE software to prevent Malware on your Mac. Get it HERE:

Malware on Apple Computers is scarily common these days (and I hope my friends who work for the Big Apple will back me up with that in the comments!).

While adware (the most common form of Malware from my observation) won’t harm your computer, it can lead to things like identity theft, stolen credit card information, etc. I realize this class may sound like a blatant pitch for Malwarebytes, but the reality is it IS THE BEST ANTI-MALWARE SOFTWARE AVAILABLE! Get it here:

While Malwarebytes will do 90% of the job when it comes to removing malware, there are a few additional steps you may need to take to prevent your Mac from becoming REINFECTED.

Step 1: In each of your web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) go into each App’s Preferences and make sure your homepage is whatever it should be. If you see any “funky” language, just delete it and replace it with a website you frequent (usually Google, Facebook, YouTube, or a news site). Also be sure to make sure your extensions are clean of any potential malware.

How to Resolve a Hijacked Web Browser
First Force Quit (Command + Option + Esc) your browser and then HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY when you go to reopen it. Even after you have resolved this, I still recommend running Malwarebytes a second time.

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41 thoughts on “Malwarebytes – FULL TUTORIAL! BEST Anti-Malware for Mac

  1. i click on link david and it takes me to website then i click on the 2 year option but then it does not load is there a reason for this i just bought a new imac

  2. It won’t let me change the homepage url. It’s just shadowed over as if it’s locked. How do I change it to google

  3. I have used MalwareBytes for years and it has asked me open files to clean. Im using the free version at the moment so Im just asking so that my files don't get corrupted.
    I find you videos useful keep up the good work

  4. Just watch out that the default payment is set to auto pay and im going thru hell trying to get it changed. I recently changed my computer and while trying to get malewarbytes changed over I realized theres no way to stop auto pay.

  5. Hey David I love your videos! However, I happen to disagree with this one about Malwarebytes. I’ve been a fan of Malwarebytes since about 2012 and I’ve always recommended it to others. I came across this video ( ) yesterday and I was quite surprised at how HORRIBLE Malwarebytes actually is at blocking malware. I just thought I would let you know. Keep up the great work with the videos!

  6. You don't understand how much appreciation I have for you! My Safari browser kept getting redirected to yahoo search engine and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Until I came across this video. You're amazing!

  7. David, I understand why you promote Malwarebytes – you’re getting paid for it! But what is there to recommend it over other malware protection software?

  8. How would I have any idea what's supposed to be in extensions? I don't even know what it's for, let alone what should be in it.

  9. There was a myth that Macs are safe and don"t need antiviruses because those nasty malware targets only Windows systems … I suppose the "myth" bubble broke and malware writters and hackers made possible to infect MAC"s phones and PC"s too ..

  10. Hi David. Thanks for this video. Since updating my MacBook Pro to Catalina, (two weeks after its initial release), I’ve kept getting a message pop-up to this effect: “name of app” will damage your computer. Move to trash/bin. I’m hoping malwarebytes will fix this! #malware #adware

  11. My chrome on Mac kept on redirecting to bing(ugh) and the words “hijacked browser” seemed so intimidating. I kept on looking for solutions everywhere until I finally stumbled upon this video! Thanks so much for your clear cut and to the point knowledge!😄😄 It cleaned my Mac desktop up! 🎉

  12. Been a Mac guy for 15 years but just moved to a New iMac from a 10 year old iMac, this session was very helpful in catching up. Thanks.

  13. Malewarebytes should prevent action from implementing vs. following your actions to resolved the issue.

  14. What happens when you no longer have your dock icons? I need help! I have to go to spotlight to get my applications now! It comes back after I restart but then it's gone!

  15. My experience with Malwarebytes: Been using it for about seven or so years. First 5 on Windows XP/7. Then started with premium Mac version when the original Mac malware app was purchased by Malwarebytes. I've had no issues either with buying, installing or running the app. And it is the least processor-intensive security app I've seen. Obviously, others' results may vary. In use the only thing I've seen it do (I'm pretty boring surfer) is lock down an infected site that Safari or Chrome missed. But again, I'm pretty safe web user. When I need to go 'out' in the net, I generally run Opera or FIrefox in VPN. I don't general surf with Safari since you can't really delete it from the Mac. (Meaning if it gets infected it's probably harder to clean out. 3rd party browsers can just be deleted and reinstalled).

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