Vera Wang Is 70 And Gorgeous In Latest Quarantine Instagram Posts

It seems 70 is the new 30. When wedding gown designer extraordinaire Vera Wang posted images of herself in quarantine wearing streetwear and heels, people stuck at home everywhere uttered a collective gasp. Yeah, Wang makes 70 look amazing, and everyone’s inspired.

Wang recently told Harper’s Bazaar that she’s currently holed up in a rather lovely location, saying,

“Unlike many New Yorkers, I happened to have quarantined in Miami after Paris Fashion Week with my workday fashion family.”

She then shared a tidbit about why she might be looking so darn good right now, admitting,

“All of them are extremely fit, which pushed me to ‘work out’ most days.”

Well, the hard work has paid off and fans everywhere are wondering how a supposed senior citizen is defying age so spectacularly. Wang says she loves playing with clothes, and her Instagram posts are the proof. Sporting a mix of athleisure wear and bling, the designer is clearly enjoying being the model for a change.

With their jaws on the floor, commenters shared their thoughts about Wang’s impressive physique, with one writing simply,

“That body.”

Other comments applauded Wang’s toned abs and legs, while others begged to know the star’s secrets for looking so amazing. Back in 2016, Wang shared her daily routine with In Style, and it may offer some insight into how she achieves her toned look. For one thing, she’s not starving herself. The woman definitely eats – in fact, she insists it’s important not to skip meals.

Wang said she juggles a lot of different responsibilities and has a high-stress job, so she probably isn’t sitting still for very long at any given time of day, or night. As for her hobbies, Wang told the outlet she loves playing golf.

Well, whatever her secret is to looking so ageless, it’s working! And speaking of secrets, Wang apparently has no interest in keeping her real age under wraps. Why should she? After fans went nuts over how a 70-year-old woman could look so youthful, one Twitter user went so far as to question whether the designer is truly 70 years old. Wang responded in a playful tweet, saying,

“Fact Check: Truth.”

Of course, with her age verified, Wang’s followers are even more rabid for morsels on how they too can age so gracefully. One Instagram fan asked what the designer’s routine is, to which she replied simply,

“Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail, not much sun.”

As you may have noticed, one of these things is not like the other, and that’s part of why people are going crazy for Vera Wang.

Meanwhile, genetics must have at least something to do with Wang’s age-defiability. Because as Insider pointed out, the 70-year-old proudly shares in Instagram posts she’s not afraid to indulge in more than just a cocktail. And no judgment here! Good for her for enjoying a giant donut while she’s holed up at home.

In addition to snack and pizza posts, Wang also posts workout photos and videos, like when she documented a recent bike ride.

It turns out Wang has been living her best, super-sexy life for weeks and probably longer; people just may not have noticed until now. The wedding dress maven isn’t new to documenting her ageless beauty on social media. Case in point: About a month ago, Wang shared a bathing suit shot with her growing fanbase on Instagram.

The gorgeous image just didn’t break the internet quite like her newest fashion shots did.

Back in 1968, Wang competed at the US Figure Skating Championships. So, this world famous designer was a serious athlete before becoming a fashion power player and a household name. And she didn’t entirely leave figure skating in her past – according to People magazine, Wang has been designing the Olympic figure skating outfits for more than 20 years.

Now, Wang is clearly embarking upon her latest project in a string of successes – at a time when it’s so desperately needed, she’s giving the world hope that there’s life after 40, and 50, and 60, and 70. We can’t wait to see what 80 looks like for this inspiring woman!

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32 thoughts on “Vera Wang Is 70 And Gorgeous In Latest Quarantine Instagram Posts

  1. She has always been beautiful. I love the orange formal paired with the mask. She has maintained herself well

  2. You know what ages you and never stops when it happens ?? Parenthood …. The stress …,, I don't know if Vera has kids or not but she looks amazing

  3. I don't believe it. Is it racist to say she is of Asian descent? Because they never age? She is lovely though. Good geens

  4. You know how some elderly people look weird when they try younger fashion? Not her, doesn't look out of place

  5. She looks amazing. She looks very nice and tall and the healthy eating and exercise goes a long way.

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