Who could follow Kim Jong Un as North Korea's next leader? | DW News

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has not been seen publicly since chairing a Worker’s Party meeting on April 11. Rumors about his health began swirling after he failed to attend the birthday celebrations of his grandfather and the country’s founder, Kim Il Sung, on April 15, an event that marks the most important day in the North Korean political calendar. Leadership in North Korea has operated as a quasi-monarchy ever since Kim Il Sung took power. Although Kim Jong Un efficiently consolidated power, there is no indication that he designated an heir. The most likely family member to succeed Kim Jong Un as political leader seems to be his sister, Kim Yo Jong.


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49 thoughts on “Who could follow Kim Jong Un as North Korea's next leader? | DW News

  1. Even though I am South Korean, I support North Korea electing a female dictator although I am sure the men in her country will try to take over her position.

  2. Who could follow Kim Jong Un as North Korea's next leader?
    A three legged blind dog would be just as effective.

  3. She is reportedly addicted to amphetamine. This photo (complexion in particular) is a convincing evidence.

  4. "Very patriarchal" "If she were to succeed she will face a lot of obstacle"
    We're talking about leading North Korea here… where people starve and world powers want your regime to be over, I don't think everyday sexism is her worry.

  5. There is a thing about a woman at the very top of very patriarchal power structures: Athina, Theadora, Victoria, Elizabeth I, Evita, Thatcher, etc. More ruling as figurehead godess or myth than woman – but with very real power.

  6. I think the real question here is “does she have worms”? Because worms could make her very cranky

  7. Whatever her name
    Kim Kimberly Biscuit I don't care she's evil hot🔥 can't wait to see her in charge of 🇰🇵

    The Subbuteo North Korean ⚽ team was more expensive 😉

    Hollywood must be looking for pointers on evil 🚺 villains.

  8. Let it be that this animal die, I don't want hear that is alive again,if he resurrect again I will make WAR against him, biafra WAR Lord.

  9. He is kidnapped by her sister. It's true my source is not false . Because it's out of this world .Reason is he agreed to join China for war but her sister refused after she captured him and kept in a hidden place in hard security and if don't believe you can search for February visit of China officials to north korea.

  10. Wat would happen is Jesus Christ will be done on earth asvit is in heaven north south are about to be united you see ….💟💟✝️

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